Fethiye Classical Music Festival began in 2012 and is held every year since then.

The target of the festival is to enable art lovers within the country and abroad to meet masters of classical music, to commemorate the name of the cello genius of cello, Benyamin Sonmez after his untimely death, to revive his memory, to encourage young talents and to contribute to creation of new Benyamin Sonmezs.

In 2014 to enhance the success of the festival achieved in previous years, we organized the First Benyamin Sonmez Cello Competition on a national basis. Encouraged by the interest in this competition we decided to hold this competition triennially and make it an international affair in 2017. Thus, while preserving the world-renowned fame of Benyamin Sonmez, we aim to promote Fethiye as a tourism centre on an international level.


A - International Benyamin Sonmez Cello Competition will be open for all applicants on the final day of the competition for competitors at 28-years old and younger.
B - Competitors should make their application, duly documented, by e-mail (info@benyaminsonmez.org) until 17:00 hours on Saturday, the 19th of August, 2017.
C - The Festival Committee reserves the right for taking photographs, making video tapes and recording the music throughout the competition. The applicants agree beforehand that the Organization Committee can use materials such as photographs, curriculum vitae, recordings and DVDs of the contestants for commercial purposes on televisions, radio and internets. 
D - The Organization Committee may cancel or postpone the competition due to internationally recognized events such as war and natural catastrophes.


A - A pianist will be provided free of charge by the organization for the competitors. However, the competitors may bring their own pianist provided that they indicate it on their application form and pay for the expenses.
B - During the competition to be held in Fethiye Cultural Centrum, competitors may have rehearsals with the pianist provided free of charge by the Organization Committee. Every competitor has the right to rehears with the pianist for 15 minutes before 1st round and 20 minutes before finals; rehearsal time and line will be set on the basis of the sequence of performers established by drawing lots. The competitors are expected to be present at drawing of lots by 12:00 hours on the 17th of September, 2017.


Travel expenses are to be met by the competitors. For competitors over 18 years of age, the Organization Committee will provide accommodation (shared double room with breakfast) for three nights, 17-19th of September, 2017. The organization is not responsible for accommodation for those who have not come of age.


The cost of application for the competition is 50 euro or 200 TL (all extra cost of money order/EFT will be met by the applicant). The cost of application is not refundable under any conditions. The remittances will be forwarded to the bank account indicated below:

Account Owner: Fethiye Turizm Dernegi
EURO IBAN (TR02 0001 5001 5804 8016 4875 95)
TL IBAN (TR91 0001 5001 5800 7287 3151 70)


ELIMINATION Monday September 18th 10:00

Competitors are required to play:



FINALS (Max. 8 people) Tuesday September 19th 14:00

A concerto of your choice (accompanied by the piano)

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